Join the historians from the Rossland Museum to learn about the 1918 influenza epidemic. Once thought to have killed 100,000,000 people, the 1918-19 flu epidemic is now thought to be responsible for over 200,000,000 deaths world wide. Let’s talk about the times a bit.
Linda Gomez, a volunteer with the Rossland Museum, will be your guide in this Zoom presentation. Linda was a nurse and nurse educator for many years and always tried to incorporate history into her teaching, which she did in Vancouver and the West Kootenay. The focus of her MScN from wayyyy back in the 1980’s focused on humour and health. Plagues, pandemics and influenza have always been a wondrous fascination to her, especially in the way communities and families handled the inherent strife. On December 10, from 6 to 7:30 pm, we’ll step through the ‘window to everywhere’ and, with Linda’s help, explore that troubling time oh so long ago.
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Rossland Museum