Rewarding volunteer experience


Submitted by: 

Helen James


If you like working with people and are looking for a new volunteer opportunity please consider the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) Emergency Response Team.

Emergency Response team members attend small emergencies in their community (Fruitvale to Red Mountain) to provide support services to individuals and families. Volunteers assist people who must evacuate their home due to a house fire, gas leak, or mudslide.

Services can include accommodation, food, clothing, replacement medications and referrals to other local support organizations, depending on the needs of the people impacted.

No experience is necessary. Red Cross provides full training and ongoing supports to all volunteers. The training is delivered in both online and classroom format. This equips volunteers to respond locally and, if they so choose, to assist with larger events in BC or across Canada.

Trail team members respond to four or five emergencies annually. Some team members have chosen to go on deployment and have helped deliver CRC support in the Cache Creek floods, Fort McMurray fire, Rock Creek fire, Syrian refugee relief in Vancouver, Central BC fires and flooding in Kootenay-Boundary region.

Emergency response is both challenging and rewarding. As a CRC volunteer you will hear stories of devastating losses and see first hand the resilience and kindness of people.

If you are interested in being part of the Red Cross team, contact us at 250-921-4159, to arrange an informal meeting with one of the team members.