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Kate O’Keefe


Are you aware of the Telehealth service at Kaslo’s Primary Health Centre? Telehealth refers to the use of communications and information technology to deliver health care services and information over large and small distances. It is about transmitting voice, data, images and information rather than moving patients, health practitioners or educators.

Ask your doctor if Telehealth is an option for you. You will be assisted to begin your consultation. Your diagnostic information, vital signs and other information will be transferred electronically and you will speak directly to the professional. Instead of travelling to Trail, Kelowna, or Vancouver, your information travels, resulting in access to a wider range of specialist advice and services; faster, more efficient health care; reduced stress, time and CO2 emissions.

Telehealth is also used by your health professionals, used for general health promotion and continuing professional education. “Two thumbs up” says one user who avoided six months of twice-weekly trips to Trail. “I can have the support of family, friends and staff to advocate for me”, “It’s easy to use!” enthused others. Ask your doctor if it will work for you.