A Photographer’s Responsibility To Wildlife


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Friends of the Lardeau River


Frank Ritcey is the next Speaker Series speaker.

Friends of the Lardeau River is pleased that recently retired WildSafe BC Program Manager, Frank Ritcey will be our next Speaker Series speaker on Thursday, June 20, 7 pm in Argenta Hall, Argenta.

Frank Ritcey has been fascinated by wildlife since his childhood. Now, in semiretirement in the heart of the Nicola Valley grasslands, he spends an inordinate amount of time watching and recording the birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, arachnids, plants, clouds and landscapes of BC. In between childhood and retirement, he has followed a variety of careers (from horse-logger to publisher to most recently, managing the WildSafeBC program) but throughout his careers he always made time to get into natural settings.

Frank’s passion for wildlife and for the out of doors has led him throughout the province as he builds his library of images and video clips of all animals, ‘great and small.’ In his many encounters with wildlife he has developed his own set of guidelines for keeping himself and his subjects safe and he often shares these insights though his spot as ‘The Outdoor Guy’ on CBC radio’s immensely popular ‘North by Northwest’ morning show.

Although his formal training was that of a Resource Economist, Frank’s wilderness schooling came from his father, a professional biologist and his mother, a pioneer daughter raised in the wilds of what is now Wells Gray Provincial Park. Through their training and his years in the mountains he has developed a unique and personal understanding of his relationship with nature.

As a presenter of wildlife videos, Frank’s talks are less of a lecture and more of a chance for people to sit around, listen to stories, see some unique video, ask questions and to celebrate the richness of our natural world.