25th Anniversary membership drive!


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EcoSociety Newsletter


 EcoSociety has been working hard at protecting the wild Kootenays, keeping our communities sustainable and encouraging action on important issues for the past 25 years.

Through leadership and education, we’ve focused on conservation, renewable energy and food sustainability for a quarter century now.

Being a member of EcoSociety means being at the forefront of local issues such as clean energy, food sustainability and conserving old growth forests. It means playing a part in protecting our lands and keeping our communities, our air and our water clean, safe and healthy.

Join EcoSociety! Want to volunteer and help us achieve our membership drive goals? Contact Laura at 250-354-1909 extn 210 or by email, laura@ecosociety.ca to find out what events we’ll be at during our membership drive. 

Our goal this anniversary year is to increase membership by 250 people by the end of June. That’s a big goal! If you donate even $2.50 to $25 a month to support our commitment to sustainable and just communities here in the West Kootenays, you’ll see these benefits of being a member:

  • Be at the forefront of our campaigns, such as our Seniors Home Weatherization Program to install energy saving kits in seniors’ homes. 
  • Be the first to be informed about local environmental issues. 
  • Receive firsthand updates on our progress and opportunities for you to be involved, such as volunteer opportunities.

Help us respond to issues that need immediate action, like protecting old growth forests or helping local governments tackle the climate crisis.