An artist talk with Barbara Brown


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Everyone is invited to a unique presentation combining visual art, love of nature, contemplative thought and spiritual connection from Barbara Brown’s book Sylvan Reflections: Wanderings, Paintings and Ponderings from the Forest.

The book is illustrated with exquisite paintings by Barbara, drawn from the forest behind her house where she walks and reflects every day and steps into a world of subtle beauty and transcendent splendour. For her, the woods glow with life and spirit. “I look at all this beauty around me,” she says, “and I wonder, is this just for me?” Remarkably, with her art she makes it possible to see the forest through her eyes. It will never look the same again.

This beautifully designed book features 16 original oil paintings as well as numerous other illustrations and musings on the forest. It is also enriched with nature lore and inspirational quotes from some of the writer’s favourite muses.

The event takes place in the Trail & District Public Library multipurpose room on Thursday, February 21, 3 – 4:30 pm. Admission is free. “Come, let’s go for a walk together, in the forest...” says Barbara. “Yes, come. You’ll be glad you did.”

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