Kaslo Guitar Fest 2018


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Yes! Our fabulous festival is happening again this summer! We look forward to seeing many returning guitarists from previous years, as well as welcoming many other guitar lovers from near and far to our festival.

The 2018 faculty will include Daniel Bolshoy, Marc Teicholz, Rita Deane, Murray Visscher, Alec Pearson and Luis Medina Rodriguez.

Kaslo Guitar Fest is a week-long educational opportunity for classical guitar students at all skill levels. Masterclasses, private lessons, guitar orchestra, small ensembles, guitar technique, fingerboard geography and sight reading workshops will be offered to the festival participants, as well as concerts that are also open to the public.

Students will gain confidence, new techniques and musical proficiency by way of concentrated instruction and practice during the week. Workshops by all members of the faculty provide a variety of learning opportunities tailored to specific levels. Public concerts by members of the faculty and a wrap-up concert by Guitar Fest participants will do much to attract interest in classical guitar performance and enhance opportunities for the participants.

For information about the Kaslo Guitar Fest contact David Stewart at 250-353-7600.

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