Pickleball coming to Kaslo


Submitted by: 

Hans Baer


An epidemic is spreading from the USA into Canada and BC – currently reaching all corners of BC. It is highly contagious and addictive and can only be treated by joining in! It’s called Pickleball! Check out this new sport by searching  ‘Pickleball’ on YouTube and see a local link for the extent of this epidemic in BC: www.pickleballbc.ca/where-to-play.html.

Why is it so contagious? Because it can be played enjoyably by all ages, both boys and girls and the elderly with their mobility problems (knees, legs) can play competitively, as being able to run and jump is not a requirement.

Pickleball will start in Kaslo on Tuesday, April 10, likely at 7 pm, at JV Humphries school gym. A few racquets are available for use by newcomers. Come, join and play or watch. Those interested, please send your name and email addresses to Hans Baer (hpptrading@gmail.com) or Rick Galbraith (hikerdude48@gmail.com) so we can send you information, schedules and other details.

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