Nelson ArtWalk 2018


Submitted by: 

Stephanie Myers


Anne DeGrace (R) one of the founders of the original ArtWalk, with Stephanie Myers. Photo: Anthony Sanna.

30 years ago a team of entrepreneurs created an event that, little did they know, would last more than three decades. This event was ArtWalk, which has grown and changed, but still remains focused on showcasing local artists and venues and exposing our community to great art. The first year of ArtWalk was only three weeks long; now the event lasts over 11 weeks from Friday, June 29 through Sunday, September 9 and is one of the largest free events in the City of Nelson.

Over the years ArtWalk has grown to incorporate live music, food, performance art and dancing. The downtown core becomes a hub of activity with live poetry readings, dance performances and musicians. At the 1988 ArtWalk there was a group show venue, which housed a piece from each participating artist. We are bringing this fabulous idea back for the 30th year celebration with Touchstones Museum of Art and History acting as that venue.

This year for the 30th Anniversary, there will be more artist and venues than ever before. ArtWalk will feature two opening galas. The first opening night on Friday, June 29 will feature live dance, musical performances, face painting and hula hoppers roaming the streets and entertaining art lovers on their journey from venue to venue. The Nelson and District Arts Council has teamed up with the West Kootenay EcoSociety for the second opening night to host the Stanley Street Art Stage during the July MarketFest on Friday, July 27. Also during this second opening each artist’s work will also be rotated to a different venue, creating a whole new ArtWalk experience.

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