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Ad submission deadline is Wednesday at 3pm for the following Monday.

  • Personal:$3.50 +tax first 15 words plus 20¢ a word per area, per week.
  • Business:$5.00 +tax first 15 words plus 40¢ a word per area, per week.
Select which classification to place the ad in.
Certain classifications are considered business listings, such as employment opportunities, legal notices, rentals, commercial real estate rentals and certain bulletin board ads. If you are a business please select here.
Select which publication area you would like your ad to appear in. All ads automatically appear on the web when placed in any of the print groups.
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$5 one time fee. Your ad will go online within 1/2 hour of our receiving it. Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm PST; Friday 9am - 2pm PST.
Add an image! Everyone likes to see what they are buying. Personal/Non-Profit $1.49/week Business $2.99/week Final image size is 240px wide x 130px high. *You can also email your picture to
Select if you'd like your picture to be in PRINT. Flat rate - $5/week +GST, per area edition. Web picture will be included FREE. Pictures in print are 2.06" wide x 1.11" high. *Form price estimate may not reflect actual cost.
Increase your range and publish your ad south of the border. $5 per publication/per week.
If you have specific directions or instructions about your ad please put them here. Eg.
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*Price shown here is an ESTIMATE ONLY: May not reflect final value. We will send a confirmation email with actual cost included.

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