MY FOREVER THANKS —from fickle Siri, who’s never completed a single call either before or after this, except this once, to MX to ED. Who pulled off an uncertain but crazy rescue; followed by SL in TD’s borrowed car getting me Up the Hill; to D.G. who opened early for business on a Saturday! & Dr. S. explaining there wasn’t any skin left to stitch my wounds together but gave me his time & a Really, Really efficacious pain shot; to my sweet sis PA who made the trip to Nelson less scary. In Nelson, I much appreciated the kind manner of mom-to-be nurse M, and the x-ray lady giving me tips on how she gets blood out of white stuff; & Dr. M. who smiled when, at the end of one long adventure, told me I was in luck, that tetanus shots were free all day! And he was right, I am lucky, to be surrounded by giving people (and great wildlife), making celebrating my 74th year next month, all the more probable. But, in answer to the one question I get from all this, the answer is No, I will not be ‘severing’ contact with my beloved, my cherished M.B. Yours truly, alive and laughing in the Kootenays, MAF.