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GUIDE: US Ad Instructions

Print out week US AD report in Adwords and collect past week print out Reports. Create new Text Wrangler files for both US ADS for Nickel’s Worth ad Exchange.

Copy and paste ads going to each US edition, under the appropriate header. EX: CARS; RV’S; EVENTS, etc. Use the SEARCH/Find program in Text Wrangler to search all ads for the following:

˝ (inches) CHANGE to ” (our quotes) ; ´ (feet) CHANGE to ‘ (our comma) ; PICAD####, REMOVE and copy and paste our website address so the US reader can find the ad photo; $ – ADD CAD to each ad price, close up to the $. If there is a OBO, change it to read: $5000CAD OBO. 

Complete all FINDS and then send files to:

– NICKEL’S WORTH: Emily –,

– Spokane EXCHANGE: Pat at – to Pagination

Save each Text Wrangler file in Classifieds/Ads for US Papers/2019 US ADS/ dated file.