Free annual solstice/peace meditation


Submitted by: 

Richard Ortega


We, as Canadians, are fortunate to live in one of the more peaceful countries on this planet. Sometimes it is hard to relate to the many conflicts occurring in other parts of our world. Do you ever wonder what you can do to help foster peace in the world?

Each year on the Winter Solstice, the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre hosts a free event where we dedicate the entire day of the Winter Solstice to focusing on peace. The intent is to find peace within ourselves and also focus on peace in our society and on our planet. We invite everyone to participate with meditation, songs, dances, chants, ceremonies, focusing on peace, in whatever way feels comfortable to you as we share time together.

We ask participants to arrive on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 20 to settle into their accommodations and get oriented to the centre and plan for the upcoming 24 hours. Just before midnight we will all meet and begin the peace vigil by lighting a large candle in the meditation space. As a group we will take turns meditating, praying on peace, kindness and compassion. As the night progresses some folks may wish to fall asleep in the meditation space to stay in the flow of the event. On Wednesday or Thursday night we will have a bonfire. On Friday morning, December 22 after breakfast, we will come to the end of this free flowing event.

The food will be a vegetarian potluck, please bring a variety of items to share. As a group we will work collectively to prepare two days of meals. The buffet will be open around the clock. We will provide free accommodations, please bring sheets and pillow cases to minimize our laundry. If you only have limited time, you are welcome just drop in for a few hours on Thursday the 21st.

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To join this free event please give us a call at 250-366-4402. There is limited accommodation space so please phone early. We would love to see you there.