NDCU celebrates volunteers


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Tom Atkins


Most should be familiar with the saying ‘credit unions are helping here’ if not, it was the acts of our employees that brought it to light since November 24 was the day that Nelson & District Credit Union (NDCU) celebrated community volunteers with donations from its Community Investment Program.

Some might call it a coincidence that World Kindness Day (Monday, November 13) fell close to the day that NDCU employees helped share $3200 to local community organizations, but it is not. To celebrate kindness, community and co-operation, each employee played a role in giving by identifying a volunteer in the community that stands-out to them. The Credit Union has donated $100 to the local organization that the chosen volunteer is affiliated with, in the name of that community champion.

NDCU CEO, Tom Murray states, “ This is our fourth year celebrating this special day. The power of each employee calling one community member all in one day to share this good news, and the trickle-down of the selected volunteers sharing with their local organizations, is something we hope will resonate and demonstrate how important our community of volunteers are and how different our Credit Union is.” 

When the Credit Union’s Community Investment Program started, the purpose was to support the many community groups and devoted volunteers that ensure our communities are sustainable and vibrant. The program is a huge success with close to $3.5 million shared since its inception in 2000. “As a community based financial institution, Nelson & District Credit Union will continue to have many great opportunities to lead by example,” explains Tom Atkins, Manager of Marketing and Relationship Development. “It is the support from our dedicated members and the commitment from our devoted employees that will demonstrate how we are a part of, not apart from, the communities we serve.”

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Our employees’ actions emphasize the original intent and the success NDCU’s Community Investment Program has had for 17 years... a fantastic reason to celebrate.